League of Legends casters Azael and Medic agree that Yuumi sucks

The magical cat has been anything but welcome at the League of Legends World Championship this year

The 2021 League of Legends World Championship meta has been a constantly-evolving beast. From the pre-event soloq boot camp, to the Play-Ins, and now to the main event itself, each team has seasoned the meta pot with its own unique spice. However, the pot has been sullied by a champion which has been received poorly by spectators and pros alike at this year’s tournament: Yuumi.

Spending her time on the Rift perched on top of her teammates, Yuumi is often criticised for lacking the skill ceiling of other supports. When attached to a partner Yuumi is completely untargetable, making her at-times frustratingly difficult to lock down. Additionally, her kit provides healing, damage amplification, and peel or chase potential, giving her recipient a variety of tools.

When asked by The Loadout which champion they’ve disliked seeing on the Worlds stage the most this year at the end of the Group Stage, casters Aaron ‘Medic’ Chamberlain and Isaac ‘Azael’ Cummings Bentley unanimously agree that Yuumi is a problem.

“She’s untargetable, unlockdownable, and fixes weaknesses for the champs she attaches too,” Medic states. “It’s the most un-interactive gameplay ever, and it is rare that you see a Yuumi and think, ‘Oh I’m so glad some of the most skilled supports in the world are playing this champion with minimal obvious skill expression.’”

Azael also has a bone to pick with Yuumi for the same reason.

“I just think the champion being so uninteractive simply isn’t interesting to watch,” he says. “It’s difficult to really see much skill expression whatsoever from Yuumi players, and the fact that she’s untargetable makes her feel more like a passenger than a true champion of her own.

“When we’re at the World Championships I want to see the best players showcase their skills, and I feel like any time someone is on Yuumi you simply don’t get to see them do that as every single Yuumi just looks the same.”

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For more positive champion takes from Azael and Medic, check back later for their favourite picks so far at this year’s tournament, as well as picks they’d actually like to see make an appearance on the Worlds stage.