League of Legends caster Azael wants to see Shen top come into the Worlds meta

Azael and Medic share their favourite picks from LoL Worlds so far, as well as the champion they'd love to see enter the meta

League of Legends: Shen

The 2021 League of Legends World Championship meta has treated us to a slurry of picks as it has evolved. From Amumu support, to assassin junglers scurrying across the Rift, to the rise of Poppy as a mobility counter, there has been a lot to like at this year’s tournament. Casters Aaron ‘Medic’ Chamberlain and Isaac ‘Azael’ Cummings Bentley concur, and have divulged their favourite champion picked at this year’s tournament so far to The Loadout.

Medic’s pick should come as little surprise, seeing as the support-maining man has chalked up more games on this champion than any other this season. That’s right, it’s Rakan. “Rakan will always be my favourite pick,” he says. “Watching a good Rakan player is like watching a symphony. His ability to reposition and get picks is just beautiful.” Having been picked up 29 times across the Play-Ins and Group Stages, Rakan has been a regular presence at this year’s tournament.

Meanwhile, Azael’s top champion comes from the other side of the Rift in Jax. “I think Jax is a really fun champion to watch and split push in general can be extremely exciting when well done,” he says. “I’ve been wanting to see more Jax all year to punish blind Camille’s that are so common in the West, but it was really only Eastern teams doing it so it’s nice to see more teams picking it up and trying to fit it into their compositions and playstyles.”

But what about champions which have yet to really appear on the Rift at Worlds? Well, Medic has once again opted for a support pick in the form of Sona. “I’d love to see more Sona,” he says, “just because she’s always been a favourite of mine, but I doubt we’ll see her in this meta.” Sona has yet to feature in pro play in any capacity this year, and as Medic says it looks highly unlikely that’ll change any time soon.

The champion Azael’s craving to see more of has actually already made his Worlds debut. Having made just one appearance during the Play-In Stage, Azael reckons Shen could be the answer to some of the premier top lane picks dominating the main event.

“Honestly I think Shen’s extremely strong currently,” Azael says, “and matches up well into a lot of popular aggressive tops such as Camille and Graves. There are a lot of teams running very low magic damage comps such as full AD with Zoe or Twisted Fate, and Shen can punish that very effectively just with armour/HP stacking as poke mages can’t really deal with full tanks well.

“He also answers side lanes effectively, taxes enemy globals well with his ultimate, and can push or answer side lanes and then combo well with his ultimate to join team fights on engage champions such as Leona. I just feel he fits so well into how teams want to play the game right now – more pressuring sides and grouping than fully committing to sides to win the game.”

So, while we most likely won’t be seeing Sona on the Worlds stage any time soon, the tournament’s meta could very well be crying out for Shen to get more game time. One pick the duo have definitely been less happy about seeing this year is Yuumi, which you can read their reasoning for right here.