League of Legends Worlds 2020 schedule revealed

The dates for each stage of this year’s League of Legends World Championship have seemingly been revealed after they appeared during a presentation by Riot Games’ parent company, Tencent.

During the Tencent Esports Conference a graphic about the World Championship was put on screen, which breaks down the schedule for the five-week-long tournament. While we already knew that Worlds 2020 was being staged between September 25 and October 31 in Shanghai, we did not know when each stage of the competition would be or for how long each stage would last.

However, the graphic – which was spotted by an eagle-eyed Twitter user and later translated and reported by ESPN’s Tyler Erzberger – shows that the initial Play-in stage will last for six days between September 25 and September 30. The following group stages will then be played in two four-day stints in early October, with the knockout phase beginning on October 15 with the quarter-finals. The weekend of October 24-25 will host the semifinals, while as expected the final will be on October 31.

Here’s the full breakdown of the 2020 LoL Worlds schedule, per the Tencent conference:

  • Play-in stage: Sep 25 – Sep 30
  • Group stage: Oct 3 – Oct 6, Oct 8 – Oct 11
  • Quarter-finals: Oct 15 – Oct 18
  • Semifinals: Oct 24 – Oct 25
  • Final: Oct 31

This information is yet to be officially announced on LoL Esports channels, but if Riot’s parent company has revealed it, it’s unlikely that these dates are incorrect.

Worlds 2020 will see all games played offline as teams will be put under a bubble system while in Shanghai, similarly to how top sports leagues like the NBA and Formula 1 Championship have done.

While the location for the Play-ins, group stage, and some of the knockout phase are yet to be confirmed, the finals will be played inside the Pudong Stadium in Shanghai.

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