2.4 million people watched the LoL Worlds 2020 quarter-finals

An incredible 2.4 million viewers tuned in to the League of Legends Worlds 2020 quarter-final match between Fnatic and Top Esports, according to Esports Charts Pro.

Unsurprisingly, 927,304 of the viewers were English speaking fans tuning in to cheer on one of Europe’s last teams, Fnatic. Unfortunately for them, Fnatic was unable to capitalise on its two-game lead and Top Esports took the win 3-2. This captivating series meant that both Twitch and YouTube managed to pull in around 1.1 million viewers each.

The average viewership of the League of Legends Worlds 2020 has been just under one million unique viewers per match which has managed to accumulate a mind-blowing 109 million hours of play watched. With the first semi-final match starting October 24 between DAMWON and G2 Esports we are expecting some big numbers, as during last years Worlds semi-final, the game featuring G2 and T1 pulled in 3.9 million viewers which was the peak viewership of the 2019 tournament.

All this interest in LoL Worlds is clearly paying off for some fans too, since 230 people have perfectly predicted all of the outcomes so far. But with two big clashes on the cards, it’ll be interesting to see how those numbers change with the semi-finals.

LoL Worlds resumes this weekend, starting with DAMWON Gaming versus G2 Esports at 3AM PT (6AM ET/11AM BST.)

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