Eight League of Legends fans finished Worlds 2020 with perfect Pick’ems

What a clever bunch...

Eight League of Legends fans have accomplished one of the most prestigious and testing challenges in competitive gaming: predicted every single match at a World Championship.

Prior to the 2020 LoL Worlds final, 12 fans were in with a shot of perfect Pick’ems and had the choice to go with their heads and pick the majority’s favourite DAMWON Gaming or go with their hearts and root for surprise finalists Suning. Now that DAMWON has lifted the Summoner’s Cup after a 3-1 victory over Suning, the eight fans who listened to their heads are now the proud owners perfect Pick’ems, a stash of tasty LoL skins, and an Alienware Battlestation gaming PC. The four that listened to their hearts will have to try again next year.

Well over five million people entered this year’s Pick’ems challenge, meaning that the eight smart cookies that got every prediction right make up 0.00011% of all the entrants. Whether it was crystal balls or common sense, these fans have achieved something truly amazing.

En route to their perfect Pick’ems, they would have had to have gone against the grain and predicted an upset for Suning’s quarter-final against JD Gaming and its semi-final against Top Esports.

This year’s total of eight winners is a massive increase from 2019 Worlds where just one LoL fan achieved perfect Pick’ems.