LEC sees sjokz return as host this week

Sjokz, the Belgian host, has been absent from the LEC broadcast since the beginning of the 2022 Spring Split, but is returning to the desk this week

LEC sjokz wearing a powder blue blazer while hosting

While the 2022 LEC Spring Split has been underway for several weeks now, one of its key stars has been missing. No, it’s not one of Europe’s top League of Legends players, but legendary host Eefje ‘sjokz’ Depoortere. Now, following presumably successful negotiations with Riot, sjokz is back on the desk this week.

The news was initially announced this morning via the LEC’s official Twitter account. “The queen is back!”, it tweets. sjokz missed the first week of the competition due to bereavement leave, though her ongoing contractual negotiations with Riot clearly didn’t conclude in time for her planned return.

Towards the end of last month, sjokz posted an update on the situation, saying that she and her team had yet to find a “mutually acceptable agreement with Riot”, but remained hopeful that everything would be resolved soon. Now, it appears that the “common ground” has been found between the two parties.

sjokz is very much a part of the LEC furniture, having hosted Europe’s top competition since it inauguration in 2013, and continues to play an instrumental role in its production even after she left Riot in late 2018 to pursue a freelance career.

With sjokz back on the desk, balance has been restored to the LEC. As sjokz excitedly tweeted in response to the initial LEC announcement, “let’s get iiiiiit”.