LEC to have live audience for 2022 Spring Playoffs Finals

Riot Games will welcome back a limited number of fans so that there will be an LEC live audience for the 2022 Spring Playoffs Finals

LEC live audience 2022 playoffs finals

Ever since COVID-19 reached the LEC, Riot Games has locked down on live audiences attending the Berlin studio. At times, not even the players have been allowed near it as the league took further safety precautions and moved to an online format. Now, as restrictions begin to ease, Riot has announced that, finally, a limited number of fans will be able to return to the studio so that the LEC will have a live audience for the 2022 Spring Playoffs Finals.

The studio states in a new LoL Esports article that “we are finally confident that we can ensure a safe environment for our fans to celebrate the Spring 2022 Finals in a one-off event.” Though Riot hasn’t disclosed just how many fans will be able to attend, tickets are set to go live on the LEC’s Eventbrite page from April 1 at 16:00 CEST / 15:00 BST.

Those lucky enough to snag tickets will be treated to an all-inclusive experience, complete with snacks, soft drinks, and some fun fan activations. While the LEC Finals is very much a one-off event, Riot says it is a “cautious step in the right direction” towards the normality European LoL fans have been craving since the studio was closed off to them.

The last time LEC fans were allowed into the studio was Week 7 of the 2020 LEC Spring Split.

With the cheer of the crowd returning to the LEC – albeit in a limited capacity – we cannot help but get even more excited as we head into the next phase of the playoffs.