Ender challenges Reddit troll in new LEC video

The caster even walks outside without shoes on so he can take on the world

Some people prefer the LEC and others prefer LCS. It’s just the world of League of Legends fans, and of course, everyone has the right to a preference. But call the LEC cringe and caster Christy ‘Ender’ Frierson might challenge you to a fight where he’s not wearing shoes.

In perhaps the most bizarre LEC advert we’ve seen Ender walks through the set of the Berlin studio, undressing as he goes, and performing an impressive monologue about being part of the LEC. It’s worth noting that he is directly addressing a comment made by an LCS fan called ‘Papaya’.

The comment reads: “I tried watching LEC but I didn’t enjoy it because it was more cringe than LCS.” Ender then walks down the hallway, chuckling to himself about how hard it is to provide entertainment to everyone who may be watching the LEC.

He continues walking to this hallway, suddenly backed by a cool sounding track, sipping a drink, and asking Papaya, a TSM fan, what credentials he has, or what drives him and makes him get up at four in the morning.

Ender then exclaims that the LEC doesn’t need Papaya, he’s just one voice, before throwing off his shirt and calling the LEC feisty. All of a sudden he’s screaming about taking Papaya and the world on, and honestly – you just need to watch the clip yourself.

It’s obviously all in good fun and it certainly gave us a laugh to see Ender enjoying himself, walking around without shoes on, screaming at an empty parking lot – so it might give you a good laugh too.

You can watch all major League of Legends tournaments over on LoL Esports if you ever want to see Ender in his element.