Reginald apologises to League of Legends community for TSM mistakes

Team SoloMid hasn’t had the best League of Legends offseason. Over the last few weeks, the organisation has faced multiple accusations of conflict of interest over the trade of Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng. Now, just hours after TSM president Leena Xu was overheard on the AD Carry’s stream discussing the transfer of another player, the organisation’s CEO has stepped in.

Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh has apologised to the community after Xu was overheard discussing Joshua ‘Dardoch’ Hartlett’s trade during Doublelift’s stream. While this should never have been made public, Reginald insists that Dardoch’s roster change is not confidential information within TSM and that all players and staff members know of upcoming changes.

“I want to personally apologise to our community and how we’ve managed the communication of Dardoch’s transfer,” Reginald says in a TwitLonger. “My goal has always been about setting a good example for other esports organisations on how to treat players where we balance business interested while at the same time being fair to players. In this case, we did not live up to those standards.”

In his apology, the CEO also comments on the Doublelift signing, which was completed in full knowledge that the AD Carry was in a relationship with Xu. Reginald insists the deal was done because Doublelift was the “best candidate” for the position.

He also notes that Xu has no say over LCS players or salaries, but does not explain why Xu was discussing the transfer of another player.

“To be clear, most of Leena’s day-to-day responsibility is the TSM’s expansion into various games titles,” he adds. She has no decision-making power over our LCS roster, players, or salaries. She works on business operations and content with the League. All roster decisions and budgeting are made by our General Manager Parth Naidu and myself.

“Each and every business has different policies surrounding these matters. For me at that time, I thought that there was enough — and there still is enough — distance surrounding their working relationship that I am comfortable with their roles as the majority shareholder of Swift.”

While Reginald notes that Xu’s handling of the Dardoch situation was “disappointing,” he goes on to criticise those who have discredited the president based on her gender and her relationships.

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