League of Legends caster Jatt named as Team Liquid’s head coach

The caster is ready to put his analytical mind to good use in the LCS

Ever since Team Liquid finished in ninth place in the League of Legends Championship Series, it was clear the organisation was going to make some changes. Like many fans out there, popular colour caster Joshua ‘Jatt’ Leesman couldn’t quite believe how the team, who won four of the five previous splits, recorded such an abysmal performance. But now, Jatt has a chance to put it right.

Yesterday, Team Liquid announced Jatt would be making the switch from colour casting to coaching its team. It’s an exciting prospect for a talented individual who’s spent the last ten years working to better Riot Games’ popular game through various roles.

“Hopefully all of that League of Legends experience from the last ten years of my life can be put towards competitive use now,” he says in the announcement video. “I definitely don’t think the transition is going to be easy but I don’t think it’s that uncommon. When I look towards traditional sports, former coaches can become colour commentators, and colour commentators can become coaches. It’s actually something that feels somewhat natural even if it is a big change.”

The new coach says he’s excited to be taking on the role, especially since “so many things make sense” about the team and its current lineup. However, recent changes to the team, which saw Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng traded to Team SoloMid, have left the current roster without an identity, something Jatt wants to fix in the early days of his coaching career.

“I think overall the story of Summer Split should hopefully be redemption and it can hopefully move them towards more,” he says. “I think people often take for granted how difficult it can be to win an LCS Split and I think Liquid is still capable of doing that.”