LCS to host League of Legends showmatch with “iconic” TSM and Cloud9 teams

LCS fans are in for a nostalgia hit this weekend

For Week 5, the LCS Summer Split sees one of the spiciest matchups in North American League of Legends as Team SoloMid takes on the currently unbeaten Cloud9. However, fans will be seeing this fixture not just once this weekend, but twice.

That’s because the day before the current rosters of TSM and Cloud9 do battle, the LCS will be hosting a showmatch between the two organisations featuring the return of some “iconic players” from LCS splits of yesteryear. This appears to be a commemoration of the 2013 Summer Split final in which Cloud9 came out on top to win its first LCS title.

The rosters for the showmatch will be revealed later this week, so we don’t know if it will be an exact replica of the 2013 Summer Split final in terms of the players that’ll be competing. It does, however, seem unlikely that the players who featured in that final will all be taking part, as some are still competing for LCS or LCS Academy teams today.

It does, however, pave the way for those who have stepped back from competing to reenter the Rift to give LCS fans a nostalgia hit, with the likes of TSM’s current owner and CEO Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh or Cloud9 legend Zachary ‘Sneaky’ Scuderi likely candidates to feature in the showmatch.

The clash between the iconic rosters of TSM and Cloud9 will take place during Friday’s LCS broadcast at 17:00 PT (20:00 ET/ 01:00 BST on Saturday morning).