MonteCristo slams the quality of competition and production in LCS

The former LoL and Overwatch caster certainly didn't hold back...


Former Overwatch League and LoL esports caster Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles has slammed the League of Legends Championship Series, saying that the quality of both the competition and the broadcast production is far below the level of other successful leagues.

While talking on his Summoning Insight podcast which he co-hosts with Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields, MonteCristo didn’t hold back when letting people know what he thought about the current state of North American League of Legends, describing the LCS as “crap wrapped in crap.”

He begins by describing Team SoloMid and its recent decline as “LCS in a nutshell,” before listing all the things he thinks are wrong with the league. “They don’t even have production anymore,” MonteCristo says. “The whole thing is just crap. It’s crap wrapped in crap. The teams are crap, the games are crap, and the wrapping that they put around all of that is also shit. I don’t know where they can go right now, it’s just a shit sandwich – a shit sandwich with shit for buns.”

The broadcast quality of the LCS was one of the biggest talking points of its return last weekend for the Summer Split. After losing a number of key members of talent, such as Ovilee May and Joshua ‘Jatt’ Leesman, some fans want to see a new approach taken.

As for the quality of the teams themselves, it’s no secret that North American talent has struggled to develop in the LCS, with many denied spots on starting rosters by bringing in mostly European imports.

North American teams also disappointed on the global stage at last year’s Worlds, with no LCS teams breaking into the top eight.

While the LCS continues to bring in viewers with last weekend’s action peaking at over 100,00 on Twitch and even more on YouTube, some, like MonteCristo, believe the league has lost a lot of ground to the likes of the LCK and LEC both in terms of actual quality of the games and putting on a good show.