Doublelift denies TSM is refusing to play Cloud9 in League of Legends scrims

Cloud9's Zven says TSM have stopped scrimming his team. Doublelift says that's nonsense.

Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng has denied claims that Team SoloMid is refusing to scrim current LCS leaders Cloud9, saying there would be “no downside” to practicing against the league’s top team.

In an interview with Travis Gafford, Cloud9’s AD carry Jesper ‘Zven’ Svenningsen claims that TSM and also FlyQuest had stopped scrimming with his team. During the interview, Zven says he was told that both teams “don’t want to scrim us anymore” but admits he does not know the exact reason why. He also says Cloud9’s recent form in scrims has suffered because of this.

However, when Gafford poses this to Doublelift in a Twitch stream following the Zven interview, the six-time LCS split winner looks completely shocked and flat out denies the claims. While he says he is unsure of FlyQuest’s situation with Cloud9, he states that there is “no way that is true for us” and questions why anyone would turn down the opportunity to practice against the league’s top team.

“What? I have no – What the fuck, there’s no way that that’s true,” Doublelift laughs, with a slightly confused expression. “Maybe FlyQuest? I don’t know anything about them but no way that that’s true for us. I don’t know what to say other than that that’s crazy, maybe I’ll go ask my coaches.

“I think everyone would want to scrim C9, like what is the downside? I don’t really understand.”

It appears that someone, somewhere, has got their wires crossed with this scrim situation. For Zven to claim it so confidently and for Doublelift to be so genuinely surprised by is certainly odd.

Perhaps there’s some mind games going on between both parties, as Cloud9 takes on TSM in what is a crucial weekend of LCS action. Currently tied at the top of the league on a 11-3 record with Team Liquid, Cloud9’s dominant start to Summer Split has unravelled in recent weeks.

TSM are close behind in third with a 9-5 record, meaning it’s in striking distance of snatching the top spot from Cloud9 and Team Liquid.