Nisqy reveals he studied Doinb’s League of Legends Worlds performance

Nisqy Cloud9 League of Legends

We’ve only been blessed with four wonderful weeks of the League of Legends Championship Series, but there’s one team out there who have established early dominance over the league and that’s Cloud9.

The Northern American team has one of the highest KDAs in the West, but one of their star players, Yasin ‘Nisqy’ Dincer admits his plays aren’t unique. In fact, the mid laner spent the offseason studying FunPlus Phoenix’s Kim ‘Doinb’ Tae-sang after scrimming against him at the League of Legends World Championship last year.

“When we scrimmed at the 2019 World Championship, it was mostly against FunPlus Phoenix,” Nisqy tells InvenGlobal. “When I saw what Doinb was doing to me…no matter what he was playing, he would always have push and priority with his Jungler. He would not die to ganks and have a really good laning phase, but would also move to the side lanes with his Jungler when I was unable to answer. That’s when I realized, ‘Oh my god, this guy is actually insane.'”

So, like all good players, Nisqy spent some time in the offseason to study Doinb’s picks and his playstyle, especially when it comes to champions like Rumble and Qiyana. But, Worlds also taught the mid-laner much more than that.

“Worlds really taught me that this is not a 1v1 game, it is entirely a 5v5,” he adds. “In the World Finals, Doinb wasn’t even laning when FPX swept G2 Esports. He was just roaming around the whole map, making plans on his own, and I think that’s something I’ve kind of put into my play as well.”

And the hard work is definitely paying off. Nisqy and his team currently have eight wins under their belt and should be able to extend that when they face a struggling CLG side on Saturday, February 22.