Dallas Empire’s Shotzzy “debating switching” from Call of Duty back to Halo

If the new Halo Infinite game shows "potential" Shotzzy says he could well leave the CDL

Dallas Empire player Shotzzy looking at a monitor, wearing a white jersey and headset

Dallas Empire’s Call of Duty League rookie Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas-Castro says that despite his insane debut season in competitive CoD he would be tempted to return to Halo esports if the new Halo Infinite game is any good.

Shotzzy – who was revealed as the first nominee for the Call of Duty League MVP award – caused a stir at the beginning of the inaugural CDL season as Dallas poached the promising youngster from the competitive Halo scene. Despite his critics he’s now become one of the league’s top players. However, during a livestream, he admits that he is “debating switching” away from Call of Duty if Halo Infinite impresses him.

“If Halo Infinite is actually really fucking fun and I genuinely like it, I’m debating on switching no bullshit,” Shotzzy tells his viewers. Later in the stream, Shotzzy explains that he has been playing Halo since the age of four and that the game is “part of his childhood.” While he is keeping the option of a Halo switch open, it does seem like staying in the CDL remains the most likely outcome.

“I’m not saying I will go back, but if it’s really fucking good and I see potential in it then there’s a possibilty,” he says. “But I genuinely don’t think I will. I mean we’re just gonna have to wait and see.”

Shotzzy, who won his third CDL title with Dallas Empire last weekend at the London Home Series, has come on leaps and bounds during his debut season, from shaky early displays to being one of the most aggressive and confident players in the league.

An MVP nod in your debut season is nothing to be sniffed at and it’s likely he will stay put to continue developing in Call of Duty. But Dallas Empire, who is one of the favourites to win the Call of Duty League Championship next month, will be worried that one of their star players could tempted back to the scene he was initially poached from.

Halo Infinite is scheduled to release later this year.