Four of the top performers from the Call of Duty League London Home Series

Call of Duty League

While Dallas Empire spoiled the party for London Royal Ravens at the first Home Series event of the Call of Duty League, it was Chicago Huntsmen who – unsurprisingly – walked away as the victors with a 3-0 sweep of Empire in the final.

Despite a few bumps in the road on the way to becoming the first tournament winners of the season, Chicago generally looked in frightening form.

While the pressure of the riotous London crowd became too much for some, others put in insane performances for their teams across the weekend. Whether it was their consistency and brilliance that put them at the top of the stats sheet, or moments of magic that got the fans on their feet, there were a few standout performers at the Copper Box Arena. From seasoned Call of Duty veterans, to some of the raw young talent the league has within its 12 rosters, we take a look at some of the weekend’s standout performances.

King Scump is back to his old ways

Fans who watched OpTic Gaming at its peak will know just how good Seth ‘Scump’ Abner can be at Call of Duty. During the disappointing Black Ops 4 season in 2019, many thought he may be past his best. However, this weekend saw that old spark return, particularly in Search and Destroy.

A chasm apart from anyone else, Scump posted a 2.13 K/D in Search and Destroy over the weekend, which includes a massive 13/3 performance in the deciding game of the semifinals against Paris Legion.

While there were a few blips in some of his respawn mode games and teammate Peirce ‘Gunless’ Hillman stealing his Search and Destroy spotlight in the final with his insane clutch and last second pistol kill, Scump was the name getting the biggest response form the London crowd.

Envoy pivotal in Huntsmen’s victory

He may be the youngest member of the team, but Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon shone in the Copper Box.

The 20-year-old made St Petrograd his home, going an insane 30/12 in the Hardpoint on that map against Dallas Empire in the group stage, and then haunting them again on the same map in the final where he made a nuisance of himself in Domination. His constant flanks, neutralising of home flags, and yet another thirty kill game saw his team over the line for the Home Series win.

Envoy has quickly established himself as one of this season’s most talented youngsters.

Wuskin puts on a show for the home crowd

He was one of the standout players of the Launch Weekend in Minnesota and London Royal Ravens’ Bradley ‘Wuskin’ Marshall was yet again firing on all cylinders in front of his home crowd.

Wuskin may have shone in Search and Destroy in Minnesota, but this weekend it was all about Hardpoint. 37 kills against Toronto Ultra in the group stages and a 35 kill game against Dallas Empire in the semifinals helped him on his way to achieving the second highest overall K/D of the event (1.37).

His K/D could’ve been even higher if he had been more fortunate with his sniping game in Search and Destroy, which saw a number of shots result in just a hitmarker and not a kill.

Statistically, Wuskin is fast becoming one of the league’s top players.

Huke shows Dallas’ youngsters how it’s done

Dallas Empire prides itself on having a roster of two extremes: youth and experience. Questions were raised in Minnesota over how effective that youth will be, however all three young members of the team improved massively in London, with Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland leading the charge.

A thorn in the side of London Royal Ravens during the semifinals and going on a kill spree during several respawn maps across the weekend, Huke was averaging just over 100 kills per series (101.75).

His efforts also seem to have rubbed off on Empire’s two other youngsters, Indervir ‘ILLeY’ Dhaliwal and Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas-Castro, who both put in much better performances in Dallas’ run to the final.