ClintStevens wins Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater combo battle with MOONMOON

What originally started as a joke has become one of the most legendary rivalries in Twitch history.

When it comes to Twitch rivalries, the competition between ‘ClintStevens’ and ‘MoonMoon’ couldn’t be more fierce. What originally started as a joke has become one of the most legendary rivalries in Twitch history, and it appears a victor has been crowned.

MoonMoon and ClintStevens have spent the past week competing against each other to see who can get the highest score in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2’s Hanger level. The dust looked like it had finally settled after MoonMoon landed a combo worth an astounding 60 million last Friday, doubling Clint Steven’s previous record. MoonMoon set a date for what would be his final THPS stream, giving ClintStevens a finite amount of time to best his rival.

Within 30 minutes of starting his stream, ClintStevens set a new score of 62 million. Not content with this small increase, ClintStevens spent another five hours playing to reach his final score: 82,537,854. Despite MoonMoon’s best efforts, he finally threw in the towel today and accepted his loss.

Before MoonMoon ended his 14-hour stream, though – he incorrectly drafted in Tony Hawk. Thinking he would be able to hit a score of more than 100 million, Moonmoon prematurely purchased a celebratory Cameo video from the man himself. “Oh hey, what’s up, Clint?” Tony Hawk says. “I just wanted to say I’m really sorry to hear that you ended up in second place after trying so hard. I know you were practicing and you thought you were going to have it, but maybe next time… Don’t suck so much? I don’t know. Subscribe to MoonMoon on Twitch and we’ll see how you progress.”

Judging by Tony Hawk’s Cameo page, that 30 second video cost MoonMoon at least $200/£166. It’s hard to argue that wasn’t money well spent, though it probably would’ve been sweeter if ClintStevens didn’t obliterate his personal best. MoonMoon claims he won’t be playing THPS any time soon, but he has lied about this in the past, so don’t be surprised if he makes one last comeback.

The moral of the story is simple: don’t get into any competitions against a speedrunner and don’t buy a Cameo video to gloat ahead of time. It never ends well.