Twitch streamer smashes a 20 million point combo in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

The highest score ever is over 30 million in 2 minutes

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 has been out in the wild for just under a week now, and has immediately got everybody McTwisting again like they did last summer. Well, summer 20 years ago to be exact.

Just like the original game, it’s packed with both thrills and spills, and now boasts not only the full roster from the first game, but also an all new set of the world’s current top skaters like Lizze Armanto, Tyshawn Jones, Leo Baker, and Leticia Bufoni. One thing is consistent though; mega combos.

A staple of the original games was the huge trick chains, often padded with long grinds or flatland combos, which routinely racked up scores of over 100,000. If you’re good at the game, 200,000 combos are within reach. To clear one million, you have to be incredible. For streamer ‘ClintStevens’ though, that’s child’s play. They recently uploaded what appears to be the biggest combo on the current edition, racking up a 20 million point total in a single line.

ClintStevens pulled off an impressive 146 tricks in the combo, ending with a long chain of Rail Flips in a Manual combo, with the full line including Special Grinds and Special Flips, amongst other moves.

The potentially world leading combo was pulled off using a created skater in The Hangar, the first level of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. The Hangar is one of the series’ most popular levels ever, because of multiple gaps, interconnected lines, secret areas, and because everyone had access to it in the original, regardless of their skill level.

Low skill level is clearly not a problem for ClintStevens, however. Even when a fan donated mid combo, leaving a message to make them bail, ClintStevens held steady and rolled out of the Manual with the 20 million point combo safe. 21,456,160 if you want the specifics.

The current Tony Hawk’s world record is 30,887,653, held by Matt Tholen. The record was also set in The Hangar, though the PS2 version rather than the new remake. Interestingly, Tholen’s score is for a full 2 minute run, not a single combo, and this recent 20 million combo was landed with 30 seconds still on the clock. Had ClintStevens kept going, that record feels very breakable, especially as the clock will run into overtime if a skater is holding a combo when it hits zero.