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The Quarry walkthrough, tips, guides, and more

Are you looking for a The Quarry walkthrough and tips? Well, our collection of guides has everything you will need to help you out as you are playing

The Quarry Walkthrough: Ryan, Kaitlyn, Jacob, Emma, and Abigail can be seen by a campfire

The Quarry is finally here and it is a fantastic horror game that really amplifies the teenage slasher vibe that many love so much. But, if you are planning to check it out you are probably keen to want to know some The Quarry tips and have a walkthrough of how some systems of in the game work.

We loved the game when we played it and said “The Quarry is a wonderfully atmospheric interactive horror game that offers up some of the best acting performances in the medium today. The rich, intertwining narratives deliver an incredible story that you will want to keep going back to – especially if you don’t save everyone.” You can see our full thoughts in our review of The Quarry.

But, if you are tucking yourself into a late-night session with the game, you can check out this The Quarry walkthrough and tips collection.

The Quarry walkthrough and tips

Below, you can find all of our The Quarry guides and tips for helping you walkthrough the game:

This is a short list right now as we are finalising some deeper guides that explain choices and offer up some solutions to the puzzles in the game. So, be sure to keep checking back.

That covers our The Quarry walkthrough and tips. For more on the game, be sure to check out everything we have on Supermassive’s latest at our page covering the game.