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The Quarry Prologue collectible locations

Looking for all The Quarry prologue collectible locations? Here is where you can find all the clues, evidence, and Tarot Cards in the chapter

The Quarry Prologue Collectible Locations: Laura can be seen in a screenshot

If you are just getting started in The Quarry, then you are probably keen to know where all The Quarry prologue collectible locations are so you can grab everything.

Luckily, the prologue does not contain a vast amount of collectibles as it is mostly an introduction to Hackett’s Quarry and a few of the characters that take centre stage in the game. However, there are one or two collectibles in this chapter that can be easily missed if you are not paying attention.

So, below, you can grab everything in order as this article displays everything in this chapter in the order you come across them. This means you shouldn’t miss anything as none of the collectibles are missable or time-restricted. Continue reading below to see all five The Quarry prologue collectibles that you can grab as you play as Laura.

The Quarry Prologue Collectible Locations

In The Quarry’s prologue, there are five collectibles in the form of four clues and on Tarot Card.

Below, you can find the locations of all of them, with images to help you pinpoint them in the environment.

The Quarry Tarot Locations: Laura can be seen looking at a path

The Fool Tarot Card location

The first and only tarot card location in the prologue of the game can be found after Laura steps down to the lower path. From where Max was fixing the car, walk up the path away from the camera. After a few seconds, the camera will switch to showing the mound next to Laura and then back to a regular view. Here when the camera switches you can grab the card. If you miss just walk back and forward again to see it.

The Quarry Clue Locations: Laura can be seen looking at a tree

Harum Scarum Poster clue location

The first clue can be found just past there. You will walk by a tree with a poster on it. Interact with it to grab the clue.

The Quarry Clue Locations: The Escapology Trunk can be seen in the environment, with Laura looking at it.

Escapology Trunk clue location

Almost directly after the last clue, you will reach a small fork in the path. Take the path to the dead end and open up the trunk to find the clue.

The Quarry Clue Locations: Laura can be seen looking down the path that leads to the clue.

Broken Cage clue location

Again, shortly after the last clue, you will reach another fork in the road. Head to the right and into the path that curves back the way you came. Here you can find a broken cage to interact with.

The Quarry Clue Locations: The collar can be seen on the floor.

Bloodied Collar clue location

When you get to the lodge, make sure you go into the storm shelter underneath the upper walkway. Open the two doors to go inside and walk directly forward to find the Bloodied Collar in the room after a cutscene plays.

That covers our guide on The Quarry prologue collectibles. For more collectible guides be sure to check out our The Quarry walkthrough and tips which has a lot more on the game, as well as our rundown of The Quarry’s paths.