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The Quarry endings - the two main resolutions to the game

Curious about the core two The Quarry endings that can dramatically change how the game ends. Here is an overview of them and what happens

The Quarry Endings: Constance can be seen

The Quarry, as a narrative-focused horror game where your choices matter, is all about wanting to discover what kind of ending you might get. But, there are some key differentiators between The Quarry’s Endings.

These main resolutions focus on what happens to the characters in the game and then the public’s understanding of what has happened at Hackett’s Quarry. After all the events aren’t in a vacuum.

Below, you can find the overview of the two The Quarry endings and how your choices can affect these. However, do be warned that there will be major spoilers below. We personally recommend playing through the game at least once as there are key plot points below that will be ruined for you if you know about them ahead of time. But, if you do want to carry on then check out our overviews of both endings below.

The Quarry Endings

The two main endings in The Quarry refer to which of the game’s characters survives and the credits scene which reveals what the public understands of the events in Hackett’s Quarry.

Who Survives And Who Dies

After you make it through the night and decide whether or not to kill Silas and end the infection once and for all, the morning will come. During this scene, the game will roll through all the characters in the game, from playable to non-playable.

This includes the Hacketts family like Silas, Chris, and Caleb who can either be killed by you or left alive depending on your actions.

It will show whether they survived or if they were killed, died, or mauled to death by one of the Infected individuals at the quarry.

The individual deaths can be different depending on who kills who and how they died, leading to numerous different permutations of who collectively survives or dies. However, this moment doesn’t really mark the conclusion of the game, the credits scene does.

What happened in Hackett’s Quarry?

The real conclusion to the game plays out during the credits. Here the two hosts of the Bizarre Yet Bonafide podcast run through a newspaper article and the stories they have heard about the Hackett’s Quarry fire from six years ago.

The majority of this ending revolves around finding all the evidence locations in the game. There is one in each chapter and finding them all will close out the podcast episode with one of the host believing the other’s story and collection of evidence about the Hackett’s Quarry events.

The host will be less and less convinced of the evidence and your story about what happened in Hackett’s Quarry the fewer pieces of evidence you find. If you don’t find any, they just won’t believe you.

And, then the newspaper article on the paper can change depending on how many people have survived and how much evidence you have collected. If most people die or all die, then the majority of murders will be put down to creatures killing the counsellors (if you collect a fair amount of evidence) or the remaining few survivors killing everyone else (if you find very little evidence).

However, if the majority of people survive and you find all or most of the evidence any deaths will not be blamed on the counsellors. However, finding very little evidence will lead the public to assume the counsellors killed Silas, Chris, Caleb, etc, depending on who you keep alive.

There are a number of other variations that can affect these endings slightly, such as Laura being captured but the broad strokes here represent the major shifts that can happen to the end of the game based on your decisions and ability to find clue locations and collectibles.

You can check out one of these endings (the bad ending) from ‘Dan Allen Gaming‘ below:

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That covers the key The Quarry endings. For more tips, while playing the game, check out our rundown of The Quarry voice actors and cast and our collection of The Quarry tips and walkthroughs.