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Does The Quarry have chapter select?

Curious whether or not The Quarry has chapter select? Here is the answer to if you can revisit a chapter after playing through it initially

The Quarry Chapter Select: Ryan can be seen looking at something off camera.

If you are about to hop into Supermassive’s latest game, The Quarry, or are deciding whether or not to buy it, quality of life features like a chapter select for The Quarry are key. They can mean getting through the game and finding all the collectibles is far easier and allow you to revisit scenarios to see how different actions lead to different consequences.

Chapter Select is especially key in The Quarry as the trail of decisions you leave can have far-reaching effects throughout the rest of the game. So, going back and being able to change your decision is much more favourable than having to restart the game from the beginning and experience the full length of The Quarry just to see one or two changes.

If you are curious about The Quarry chapter select in the game, continue reading to get the full rundown of how it works when playing.

The Quarry Chapter Select

Yes, The Quarry does have chapter select. However, you will need to finish the game in order to access it. If you are midway through your playthrough you cannot go back to a previous chapter.

However, if you make different decisions you can continue on with that playthrough and see how the game ends up changing in later chapters. But, you can’t skip between chapters. For example, if you start on Chapter 3 you can’t finish it and jump to chapter 9. You have to play the rest of the way through.
Chapter select is handy in The Quarry with clues, evidence, and tarot cards to find as you are exploring the environments with the counsellors.

That covers chapter select in The Quarry. For more on the game, check out our rundown of The Quarry’s voice actors and cast.