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The Quarry chapter 1 collectible locations

Want to hunt down all The Quarry chapter 1 collectible locations? Here is where you can find each one that is in the chapter early in the game.

The Quarry Chapter 1 collectible locations: Jacob can be seen in an image

Making your way through The Quarry? By now you have most likely been introduced to both Abigail and Jacob who are some of the first characters you control in chapter 1. If you are playing through you are probably keen to know all of The Quarry chapter 1 collectible locations, so you can go back and get them via chapter select.

This chapter doesn’t feature any missable collectibles that are story related or tied to decisions you make which is great as it means you can take as much time exploring each section of the chapter as you want.

Below, you can grab everything in the order they appear with detailed descriptions further into this article of the collectibles individual locations, as well as pictures. Keep reading for the full rundown of The Quarry chapter 1 collectible locations so you get the full picture.

The Quarry chapter 1 collectible locations

The Quarry chapter 1 has seven collectibles for you to find the location of. These, include one Tarot Card, one piece of evidence and five clues.

Below is the locations of all of them with images to help you pinpoint them within the environment as they are not missable or story-related.

The Quarry clue locations: the hunting sign can be seen int he environment

Hunting Notice clue location

The first clue can be found at the start of Chapter 1 when outside the lodge after talking with Kaitlyn. Walk up to the front of the cars and you can look and interact with a hunting sign just past the fence.

The Quarry Clue Locations: the plaque on the wall of the building can be seen

Camp Plaque clue location

The next clue location is for the camp plaque and it is right be the door to enter the main lodge. Be sure to grab it before you enter.

The Quarry Tarot Locations: The door that leads to the room with the Temperance card can be seen.

Temperance Tarot Card location

The only tarot card in this chapter can be found after you enter the main camp lodge as Jacob. Walk towards the front door, to see a small side room to the left.

Head through to the kitchen and the camera will briefly switch to show the Temperance card on a cooking pot. Pick it up when the camera switches, or if you miss it, simply walk back and forth to have the camera switch back.

The Quarry Clue Locations: The scrap can be seen on the floor, with Abigaill standing over it.

Newspaper Headline Scrap clue location

The next clue isn’t found until you gain control of Abigail and choose to go inside the cabin to find your bags with Emma. Once inside, look in between the two bunks on the left to find the paper on the floor.

The Quarry Clue Locations: Abigail can be seen standing over the tape recording.

Camp Song Recording clue location

The next clue is found outside of the cabin marked cabin room 08. Look by the stairs leading up to the door to find a tape player, which is the fourth Camp History clue.

The Quarry Evidence Locations: Abigail can be seen looking at the large tree at the camp cabins.

Empty Vial evidence location

The Empty Vial evidence can be found by interacting with the large tree at the centre of the camp cabins.

The Quarry Clue Locations: Abigail can be seen standing in front of the signpost.

Information Signpost clue location

The next clue location can be found on the far side of the tree where you just got the vial, in the centre of the cabins. Look for the information signpost and interact with it to get the fifth Camp History clue.

That covers all The Quarry’s chapter 1 collectible locations. For more help with the game, check out our rundown of The Quarry paths and also more collectible guides in our The Quarry walkthrough and tips.