The Last of Us mod reimagines the PlayStation classic as an FPS game

Joel and Ellie's journey across America gets a new perspective in this wicked The Last of Us first-person mode that PlayStation 5 players will be pining for.

Joel Miller from The Last of Us in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

The Last of Us, we all know by now, is a pretty harrowing game. Full of demented factions, infected beings, and bleak environments, shooting your way to the end can be a difficult endeavour. While running and gunning in Naughty Dog’s acclaimed third-person shooter isn’t advised, things might be different if you could wander through America from a different point of view. Now, this The Last of Us first-person mode mod adds an enthralling perspective to the game.

This project from The Last of Us modder ‘VoyagersRevenge’ gives the dystopian PlayStation game a new lease of life, doing away with the game’s built-in third-person mode. In a showcase of The Last of Us first-person mode mod, VoyagersRevenge clarifies numerous parameters for the gameplay that plays out.

“All encounters are on custom difficulty (everything on grounded+ except resources). Starting with an abundance of ammo and crafting materials, as well as upgraded weapons, allows for aggressive gameplay. Custom difficulty also allows some HUD elements to be seen on grounded,” they explain in the description of the video.

“This PC mod is currently a work-in-progress,” says the modder. While first-person mods for non-FPS games can feel or look awkward, it’s impressive that this tweak to The Last of Us looks like an official implementation from developer Naughty Dog. It is complemented by numerous depth-of-field effects too, that help to give the mod authenticity within the game’s visual design.

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The mod’s existence is made by possible the recent release of The Last of Us PC version, despite its shaky launch. Naturally, PlayStation 5 owners are already showing their appreciation for VoyagersRevenge’s work. “This is insane, YouTuber Voyagers Revenge had modded The Last of Us PC to FPS mode,” says PS5 and Sony enthusiast ‘mpyro1‘.

“Restricting the player’s view to a first-person mode would actually make clicker encounters way more intimidating,” adds ‘OldSacky‘. Others are hoping the mod inspires the developer to incorporate a PSVR 2 update for The Last of Us down the line. “@PlayStation @Naughty_Dog The Last of Us VR, please,” expresses ‘Nick_Marseil‘. However, some players argue that this mod takes away what makes the game so captivating in the first place, as ‘thatspodcasting’ pitches in their thoughts: “I hate this. One of the things that makes The Last of Us great is that it isn’t a first-person mode game.”

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