Summit1G slams Twitch streamers for racing to play The Last of Us 2

The streamer says he's sick of that "streamer tactic"

As you may all know, The Last of Us 2 comes out today. The long-anticipated title is a follow up to 2013 original and has gamers all around the world excited for what is to come. This includes the streaming communities where there has been a rush to get the game first and show it to audiences as soon as possible – and Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar is sick of it.

During his stream, the 32-year old voiced his frustrations with streamers rushing to play the game. More specifically, it sounded like he was upset at large streamers chasing the category, rather than taking their time or leaving it to smaller streamers who benefit more from single-player experiences.

When asked if he was going to play The Last of Us 2, this was his response: “No, it’s too sour of a taste in my mouth. As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter that much to me if I fucking play it or not play it, whether I see it or never see it. But yo, that fucking tactic, this streamer tactic, this rat race, this get on the game as quick as possible, as early as possible – suck my fucking dick. The game developers that are letting it happen, suck my fucking dick, and that’s where I’m at. That’s where I’m at.

“I mean dude I’ve been seeing the rat race for eight years now dude, it never changed, it’s crazy. Even the guys who have been around for eight years are still doing it, and it’s like the guys who are already set in stone are still doing it – it’s mind-blowing. It’s a single-player game. If there is a game to let a smaller streamer have a couple of hours to themselves on a game category, it’s a single-player game.

“How long, as a top streamer on Twitch, do you need to get on to a single-player game fucking first dude? Chill out, relax, drink some coffee, maybe you can watch someone else for a split second play it, then fucking hop on. It’s a single-player game. There is a reason I leave those games off to the side for later, you know what I’m saying? Because they don’t mean that much to me, they don’t mean that much to the channel, I will get my enjoyment from it when I can, but some motherfuckers can get a little head start with that shit, so suck my fucking dick, if you’ve been doing it for so fucking long.”

So it doesn’t look like Summit1G will be playing The Last of Us 2 any time soon, and even if he does you can be sure that he will be taking his time with it.