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New The First Descendant update removes awful boot up jumpscare

You don't need to worry about your ears anymore as The First Descendant's new update turns down the game's ridiculously loud boot up video.

The First Descendant update: An image of two Descendants in The First Descendant.

Those of you booting up The First Descendant since it launched on Xbox and PlayStation recently will know one thing above all else: the boot up sequence is really, really loud. We learned the hard way as it decimated our eardrums through our headsets, but the reign of this audio assault is over. A new The First Descendant update is live, fixing this issue alongside other welcome hotfixes.

Nexon’s new update for The First Descendant is live now across PS5 and Xbox platforms, and we’re thrilled to see that it includes the following: “Fixed the issue where the logo sound volume was too high when launching the game.” Now, you can enjoy the brand-new multiplayer game in peace, at least from an audio perspective. However, another issue that has plagued the game in our experience since launch is the game’s performance.

The First Descendant is equipped with three different fidelity options, offering players the options to focus on frame rate, resolution, or a balance of the two. Despite using the performance option, the RPG game‘s technical aspects haven’t left a lasting impression. Luckily, this part of the game is on the up and up, as Nexon explains it has “removed unintended factors that were degrading performance”, while fixing “the issue where FSR Upscale was malfunctioning.”

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We’ll welcome any and all improvements for the game’s performance, especially as missions can become swarmed with tons of enemy forces to deal with. On the gameplay front, this hotfix also brings sturdy list of tweaks to enhance the game’s quality-of-life:

  • Knockback and knockdown recovery times have been sped up by 1.5 times.
  • The maximum usage of the Eterllick shield skill per phase has been reduced from 2 times to 1 time.
  • Fixed the issue where the back button did not work after closing the capacity exceeded popup in the module enhancement UI.
  • (Xbox One) Fixed the issue where the heads of other players wearing skins would intermittently not display
  • Fixed the issue where the ‘Skill Power Modifier’ number was not applied correctly after level 5 enhancement of the ‘Lethal Infection’ module
  • Fixed the issue where the ultimate module drop animation was used when the normal module ‘High-Power Rounds Capacity Increase’ was dropped
  • Fixed the issue where object destruction animations did not appear in the Strategic Outpost
  • Fixed the issue where the name and description of the NPC Dominique in the Hagios region were displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed the issue where the Guided Round of the Ultimate Weapon ‘Restored Relic’ did not apply the ‘Ancient Fire’ status effect
  • Fixed the tooltip error for the Fire Skill Power of the ‘Active Volcano’ External Components 2-set effect
  • Fixed the tooltip error for the Weak Point Damage of the ‘Frozen Heart’ External Components 4-set effect
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You can enjoy all of these changes right now, but before you do, you might have a questions regarding the game’s lore or if there are any freebies you can acquire. We can get you up to date with this nifty The First Descendant characters guide, as well as a list of all The First Descendant codes currently available.

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