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The Finals’ new Ruby Ranked tier pits you against the top 500 players

The real graft for success begins in the new The Finals update which introduces the long-awaited Ruby Ranked Leagues tier on PS5 and Xbox.

The Finals update: An image of Ruby Ranked Leagues tier in The Finals.

Ranked Leagues in The Finals can often be unforgiving if you’re not coordinated, and the race to the top of the leaderboard just got even sweatier. After weeks of teasing its arrival, Embark Studios’ new The Finals update is bringing Xbox and PS5 players the addition of the all-new Ruby tier in Ranked Leagues. This is a serious flex for those skilled enough to acquire it, and trust us, you’ll need to have some serious chops.

Getting your hands on those gorgeous Ruby tier cosmetics isn’t your typical grind in The Finals’ Ranked Leagues playlist. You’ll need to become one of the top 500 players in Embark Studios’ consistently action-packed FPS game. Getting to Ruby means you’ve always surpassed Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond too. With Cash Out relegated to the excellent World Tour tournament mode, Terminal Attack is the flavor of the moment for Ranked Leagues, and it is a considerably more difficult competitive playing field.

If you haven’t dipped into the Call of Duty style multiplayer game mode, then all you need to know is that Terminal Attack is essentially The Finals’ version of Search & Destroy. No revives, no respawns, and very limited gadget usage. It can be great fun in a casual setting, but if you’re queuing with random PS5 and Xbox players, then it can be a real gamble whether you’re geared up for a victory. Make sure you’ve got your pals available if the path to Ruby glory is appealing to you.

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If you do manage to break into the top 500 leaderboard, just be aware that your rewards won’t be gifted to you instantly. According to Embark Studios in the latest patch notes, it details that “unlike our other ranks, the Ruby rewards will only be fully rewarded at the end of the season, so you have to make sure you’re within those top 500 positions when the season ends.” Outside the addition of the Ruby tier in Ranked Leagues, Embark is also fixing some pesky issues regarding Contracts too:

  • Fixed Quick Melee and Shotgun/Marksman Rifle contracts which were not working
  • Weekend contracts will now be removed when the weekend ends
  • ‘Weekend contracts’ text will only be visible on the World Tour tile when available
  • Hid the timer for elapsed stages of the World Tour
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Despite adding fixes for Contract UI glitches, in our experience we are still encountering problems with the Career Circuit challenges, as some tasks still remain unable to be completed. However, while it doesn’t indicate completion visually, we’ve still been able to reap the rewards.

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