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The Finals’ new Game Boy backpack is playable and has a leaderboard

Forget trying to steal the Cash Out in The Finals, this new Game Boy style backpack is functional and Embark's even made a leaderboard.

The Finals Gameboy backpack: An image of the Handheld Heropack in The Finals.

No matter how you feel about The Finals‘ gunplay, there is no denying that Embark Studios’ knack for making amazing cosmetics is unparalleled. The latest update for the PS5 and Xbox shooter brings players The Finals Game Boy backpack, a new cosmetic inspired by Nintendo’s iconic handheld console. Not only can you play Embark’s in-game title Orf on it, but you’ll be competing for a top position on a secret leaderboard.

At first glance, The Finals‘ Handheld Heropack is a charming cosmetic, featuring some cute Game Boy-style animations that continuously play among the FPS game‘s destructive matches. However, should you inspect the awesome piece of drip, you can boot up the mini-game which consists of catching delicious slices of pizza sprites.

What makes it even better is that you don’t even have to spend any money in the multiplayer game‘s item store, you can simply view the cosmetic and start playing from there. If you fancy you’re somewhat of a natural, then you can head over to the Orf leaderboard to see where your placement currently ranks. At the time of this article’s publication, the top position is held by PC player ‘Fluffy Doggo’, with a total of 2,496 points.

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It is features like this that make The Finals stand out as one of the best games in the FPS genre right now, as Embark Studios typically goes the extra mile with even the smallest of features. The Handheld Heroback is available in-game for 400 MultiBucks, or you can acquire it in a bundle for 450 MultiBucks with an additional sticker for your weaponry and gadgets. Just don’t expect to be able to play any of the best Nintendo Swtich games or classic Game Boy games on it.

While this is an awesome novelty feature for Embark to include, we wonder whether this kind of treatment will extend to similarly minor cosmetics in the future. In lieu of The Finals vehicles heading to the arena, maybe Embark should make the skateboard back cosmetic usable? We wouldn’t say to popping a Tre Flip during a game of Power Shift. It isn’t the first time Embark has done something like this, though.

Players using The Finals’ Heavy class will know that the Sledgehammer has a skin that turns it into a Fender Jazzmaster influenced guitar. You can shred a few tasty licks on it by using the ‘inspect’ button during a match.

The Finals Gameboy backpack: An image of the Orf leaderboard.

In related news, The Finals’ World Tour mode steps foot on new ground, and the all-new Ruby tier is live in Ranked Leagues – with a catch.