The Finals beta release date, how to sign-up, modes, maps

Get an overview of everything there is to know about The Finals beta including the release date, how to access it on Steam, and the maps and modes you can play.

The Finals Beta: A player can be seen jumping

Are you jumping into The Finals during its beta phase and want to know what to expect? Well, our The Finals beta guide will take you through everything you need to know about it and what you can expect from the maps, modes, and experience while playing the first-person shooter.

Led by former DICE devs, who pioneered Battlefield to a new frontier, with The Finals free to play plans the shooter has a chance to become one of the best FPS games. But, before we get to its full release, The Finals has to make sure everything works and plays well which is what the beta period is for.

The Finals beta release date

The Finals beta was released on March 7, 2023, exclusively for those who sign up and get access on Steam.

The beta allowed a wide group of players to get access to the game for the first time after an Alpha took place in late 2022. The beta ran until March 21, giving players two whole weeks to engage with the FPS’ fast-paced combat.

While this beta is now over, there’s a possibility that the developers will offer another beta session in the coming months. You can find out how to apply for it below.

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How to sign-up to The Finals beta

You can access The Finals beta by signing up for the playtest on the game’s Steam page and waiting for access to be granted.

Not everyone who signs up will get access to The Finals beta as only a select few who sign up will be granted access via their Steam account. You will know if you get access because you will receive an email and be able to download the beta client via the Steam page for The Finals.

The Finals beta maps

The Finals beta has two maps:

  • Seoul, South Korea
  • French Riviera, Monaco

Seoul sees players fight amongst the skyscrapers of the city centre, while Monaco offers wider and more spread-out firefights as players spend some time on the beach or take a break and relax before returning to the murdering and building destroying. So, each map has a different feel and should give players a taste of how The Finals plays in various scenarios.

The Finals beta modes

The Finals beta on Steam will have both casual play and ranked tournaments for players to compete in. In the latter, players will be able to climb leaderboards, as well as compete to perform the best in a match.

Casual play, however, will be available throughout the two week period for anyone to jump in and just test out the various The Finals weapons and gadgets and get a feel for the objective-based gamemode that is at the heart of the competition.

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Is The Finals beta on PS5 and Xbox?

As of right now, there isn’t a beta for The Finals on PS5 or Xbox. PC players only have access via Steam.

Platforms for The Finals haven’t yet been announced. However, the game has been received incredibly positively so we would be surprised if the game doesn’t come to consoles as well as PC in 2023.

That is everything we know about the beta for the Finals with this complete The Finals beta guide. For even more on the game, be sure to keep an eye out as we approach The Finals release date later this year and see it launch properly.