Sneaky The Callisto Protocol update makes Jacob absolutely cracked

Striking Distance Studios has just shadow-dropped an update for The Callisto Protocol that is guaranteed to make the horror game's boss fights a lot easier

The Callisto Protocol update healing speed weapon swap: an image of Jacob Lee in the dark in a space suit

For all the blood, guts, and great acting in The Callisto Protocol, there’s still quite a lot of room for Striking Distance Studios to improve its recently-released horror game. Sure, the dodge mechanic is innovative and there are more than enough unique enemies to deal with, but the game is almost too hard in places. It’s a game that takes one bloody step forward, and then a mutated head launches itself at you and bites your neck. Thankfully, though, as highlighted by Striking Distance Studios’ founder and CEO Glen Schofield on Twitter, gameplay changes are starting to be introduced – albeit without any patch notes. In The Callisto Protocol’s latest gameplay update, which was merelt mentioned vaguely in a tweet, Jacob Lee is – for lack of a better term – cracked.

As highlighted by horror game content creator Suzi Hunter, the latest title update for The Callisto Protocol seems to almost double the weapon swap time – introducing a slicker animation to the process – and improves the healing speed. This, specifically, applies to when Jacob Lee uses a Health Injector. Picking up Medi-Gel was, and should still be, more instantaneous.

This isn’t all, either. The Callisto Protocol’s sneaky update has also introduced the ability to skip any death animations – something of a godsend for those of us playing on a harder difficulty. We know they’re not all quite that long, but there are a lot of cases when they can take up to five seconds. Seeing that multiple times in quick succession is enough to make anyone get a little frustrated.

If you want to see what all of this looks like in-game, and you don’t want to check out Suzi Hunter’s social media page, you can see a direct comparison of the healing animation speed below:

Healing animation speed comparison (latest patch) from TheCallistoProtocol

Now, Jacob Lee is just-about fully healed by the time he had inserted the Health Injector originally. The change in speed is unexpectedly huge and, without a doubt, should make Health Injectors much more useful in-game. Now, you might just be able to use one mid-fight – rather than having to wait until every enemy was dead to get one out. If you want to know how to defeat the final boss in The Callisto Protocol, or how to defeat the two-head brute boss, you should be more than equipped to do so now.

So, while we were hoping that The Callisto Protocol’s punishing dodge system might be updated soon, we instead got an update that caters to the other side of this horror game’s combat: Guns. Still, this should make Two-Heads and boss fights a little easier – provided you can keep them at arms length. You can find out more about all the weapons and guns in The Callisto Protocol here and work out the best upgrades for weapons and gear in The Callisto Protocol right here.

If you’re a speed-runner, these updates are sure to help. But, as it stands, you can’t skip The Callisto Protocol’s cutscenes yet. Of course, these are excellent cinematic moments that you don’t want to miss if you’ve not seen them yet. However, we can imagine seeing one for the third or fourth time might get a little much.