The Callisto Protocol Twitch drops drench Jacob in blood and guts

Striking Distance Studios is already offering players the chance to earn free skins through a new Callisto Protocol Twitch drops campaign; here's what you get

The Callisto Protocol Twitch Drops gore skin: an image of Jacob in orange

You don’t need to see a whole lot of Striking Distance Studios’ new horror game, The Callisto Protocol, to know that it’s going to be something of a bloody affair. We certainly see enough blood and guys from Josh Duhamel’s Jacob Lee in the game’s pre-release trailers. But, if you’re sitting there thinking that Jacob Lee is looking a little too spotless, The Callisto Protocol Twitch drops are offering players the chance to earn a much more gory skin for the protagonist and his main weaponry.

If you want to unlock The Callisto Protocol’s aptly-named “Gore Skin”, you’re going to need to watch at least 30 minutes of The Callisto Protocol on Twitch between December 2 and December 5. That’s enough time to complete the game and ask “is there a The Callisto Protocol new game plus mode“, but it’s not much longer than that.

As you can see for yourself below, this skin isn’t just going to offer you a gory iteration of Jacob Lee’s armour. The Gore Skin, which is exclusive to this Twitch drop campaign (at least for now), is going to feature a bloody version of Jacob Lee’s armour, his unarmoured appearance, his stun baton, and his sidearm. We can only imagine that all The Callisto Protocol characters would have something to say about Jacob walking around covered in blood.

Not sure if you can be bothered to risk the story spoilers? Well, here’s a look at the rewards – and a reminder of the details.

The Callisto Protocol Twitch drops gore skin: an image of the tweet showing the bloody skin

We don’t know about you, but we can’t imagine having all those guts gunking up your gun is a good idea – but, it certainly seems to fit in the gruesome world of The Callisto Protocol. Although, you’re probably going to want to know how to dodge in The Callisto Protocol and where the best Callisto Protocol weapon upgrades are. You know, if you want to keep the bloody appearance purely cosmetic.

So, even if you’re still trying to work out how to heal in The Callisto Protocol, you can drop in on your favourite horror game streamer (as long as they’re playing this game) and get yourself a permanently bloody skin. We can only imagine that this will make all the Callisto Protocol death animations that much more gruesome.