Texas Chain Saw Massacre shreds up Xbox Game Pass with a special date

Multiplayer horror game Texas Chain Saw Massacre is coming to Xbox Game Pass, and Leatherface fans will note the game's arrival drops on a very special date.

Leatherface in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game.

Can you hear that? Ah yes, that’s just Leatherface causing havoc in the garden again. Following the release of its Friday the 13th game, Gun Interactive and Sumo Digital are bringing players a brand new asymmetrical horror game based on the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Leatherface and his familiar family of crazed killers are set to appear, and a new gameplay trailer details a gory time for Xbox Game Pass players on a very significant date for fans.

Forget Jason Voorhees and the horrors of Camp Crystal Lake. Instead, we’re packing our bags to visit the Sawyer residence, as the Texas Chain Saw Massacre release date approaches. It’ll be a special time for two reasons though, as the game is now confirmed to be a day-one Xbox Game Pass addition. Additionally, eagle-eyed fans will note that the date it drops on Microsoft’s subscription service, August 18, is the same date that Tobe Hopper’s original movie debuted in 1973.

We love it when things come full circle. The latest trailer for the game isn’t for the faint of heart, as numerous characters meet a particularly nasty demise. Several locations can be glimpsed too, from desolate gas stations, the slaughterhouse, and the interior of the Sawyer residence itself.

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There’s more good news too for Texas Chain Saw Massacre fans, as players can begin to register their interest in the upcoming technical test, which be conducted from May 25, 2023. Platforms are yet to be specified for this test, but it is expected that players will be able to get their initial taste of the game via PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Based on the titular horror movie of the same name, there is a lot to become acquainted with as more instalments have been released over the years. Thankfully, we’ve got a nifty Texas Chain Saw Massacre timeline guide to set your mind at ease. Last year saw the release of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre reboot movie, after years of seeing the franchise lay dormant. However, it spawned some mixed opinions among fans.

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