Tekken 8 release date speculation, story mode, gameplay updates

Kazuya is back and starring in a next-generation take on the fighting game series. So, what do we know about ahead of the Tekken 8 release date

Tekken 8 release date: Jin can be seen

Believe it or not, it has been a ridiculously long seven years since Tekken 7 was released. And, after a long period of support, Bandai Namco is finally moving onto Tekken 8 which impressed during its gameplay trailer at Sony’s September 2022 State of Play. However, what have we seen and heard from Bandai Namco ahead of the Tekken 8 release date?

The answer is well, a fair amount, even if it is only a teaser trailer. But that trailer uncovers a lot of significant improvements for the series as it jumps to current-generation consoles. And, with a major boost visually, the series is set to make a big impact when it releases on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. But, when will that be?

Tekken 8 release date speculation

Tekken 8 does not have a release date for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Harada in an episode of his show ‘Harada’s Bar’ said that Street Fighter 6 may be in the “danger zone” when it comes to releasing near Tekken 8. So, to get ahead of EVO 2023 and to be far enough away from Street Fighter 6, we think Tekken 8 may release sometime between April and July 2023. However, that is speculation on our part.

In addition, the game will not be released on PS4 and Xbox One, which means it is one of the first next-gen exclusive fighting games as Street Fighter 6 is coming to PS4.

Tekken 8 story

Tekken 8’s story mode will focus on Kazuya vs Jin and the father and son showdown between them. Beyond those details, we don’t know much about the Tekken 8 story mode as Bandai Namco is staying very quiet right now.

However, with Tokyo Game Show here, we should hear more about the game this week.

Tekken 8 gameplay

The debut trailer for Tekken 8 showed off a fight between Kazuya and Jin and gave us a look at the impressive visuals for the first Tekken game in more than seven years.

While we don’t know how the gameplay changes will take effect when it comes to fighting, Tekken 8 is placing a lot of focus on the environments, dynamics arenas, and backgrounds which really bring the series to life in a new way. The trailer was taken from the in-game story mode so it reflects how the game looks in the current work-in-progress build of the fighting game.

And, Harada mentions in a PlayStation Blog post that the team are focusing on the detail in the character’s faces, skin, and models, as well as particle effects like water and how they interact with the fighters. On top of that, Harada also draws attention to the aforementioned backgrounds which feature storm rendering, immense weather density, and dynamic backgrounds like a huge tanker falling apart.

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So as you can see Tekken 8 is shaping up incredibly well from this debut trailer. We still have a long way to go until the game’s release date, so while you are waiting for the Tekken 8 release date, check out some of the best fighting games available right now!