Gorgc, OG’s first Dota 2 streamer, leaves after seven months

He wished the team the best for the future in his statement

Janne ‘Gorgc’ Stefanovski, OG’s first full time streamer, has left the team after just seven months. He announced the decision on Twitter earlier today, but has not as of yet offered any suggestion on his next steps.

Gorgc said the decision had been weighing heavy on him, but after several back and forths between himself and the organisation, Gorgc says no long term solution could be found, despite everyone’s best efforts. In his statement, he writes “unfortunately what we set out doing in the start of me signing with OG to cast their games, has changed a lot when they started being involved in organising tournaments.”

It appears though that his departure is on good terms, with Gorgc adding “I have literally nothing but love for the players on OG and am grateful to have had the chance to work so closely with them all. I wish them nothing but the best and still support them as a team, but officially we just have to part ways.”

Gorgc initially joined OG at the end of January this year, and is one of the most notable Dota 2 streamers in the world. The plan was for his popularity and the established pull of OG to combine and help the pair of them grow, but after discovering what are apparently irreconcilable differences relatively quickly, that will no longer be the case.

Prior to joining OG, Gorgc often played duo with WehSing ‘SingSing’ Yuen, and has previously been ranked in the top ten Dota 2 players in Europe, although he currently sits outside the top 250.

Although the exact reason for his departure is not known, fans have begun to speculate it connects to OG’s hosting of Omega League, which may have caused licensing issues with Grogc’s casting/streaming of these events, but we don’t know for sure. Until Grogc or OG offer a more robust explanation, we wont know the full story.