Lekr0 completes North’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster

He'll make his debut on August 25

Jonas ‘Lekr0’ Olofsson has signed for North’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, completing its five person roster. North has previously indicated wanting to remain a Scandinavian team regardless of progress made elsewhere, and the signing of the Swede only compounds that ambition.

Lekr0 has previously played for GODSENT, fnatic, and Ninjas in Pyjamas, but North has already indicated his role may be changing this time around. Graham Pitt, North’s head of esports operations, says “Lekr0 isn’t going to continue his previous role of in-game leader, but will use his experience to assist with tactical input both pre and mid game, bringing us an additional edge we lacked previously.”

This tweak to Lekr0’s role will see him entry fragging on the T side alongside anchoring bombsites on the CT side; Lekr0’s preferred role in a CS:GO squad and one which takes him back to his original playstyle. Only time will tell how effective this revert will be for Lekr0, but he’ll have to get used to it quickly.

Lekr0 will make his North debut on August 25, just four days after signing. This debut will come in the Nine to Five #3 tournament, and gives North just a few days to practise as a unit.

Pitt, however, does not seem concerned, saying “We will go into Jonas’ debut tournament with expectations of emphasising the fundamentals of basic Counter-Strike and teamplay. We will use the tournament as a learning experience to assess where each player is with regards to their roles and so we can continue to develop the roster for a successful season.”

Lekr0 himself was also optimistic following the move, saying “I am really looking forward to joining North. There has been a lot of rumours about me joining ‘this and that’ org, but when I started talking to North about the project and what they aim for with this team and their Nordic ambitions, I didn’t have any doubts. This is definitely the new home for me, and I am really looking forward to playing with the guys and bringing this team to the next level.”

Through their commitment to Nordic players and their mixture of Swedish and Danish language to communicate, North is building a reputation as one of the most unique, insular teams on the circuit. With the addition of Lekr0 to the roster, it seems to be continuing down a familiar path.