Riot bans former Griffin League of Legends coach for “physical and verbal abuse”

The investigation has resulted in CvMax being indefinitely banned from all Riot events, including the LCK


Riot Korea has handed out “indefinite” bans to Griffin’s former League of Legends coach Kim ‘CvMax’ Dae-ho and current chairman Cho Gyu-nam following an investigation into the organisation that concluded on November 20 .

As was reported by Korizon, Riot found that CvMax “exercised verbal and physical abuse to some of the players” on the Griffin roster, some of whom were minors. Riot concluded that the abuse was carried out over an “extended time” and was “personally damaging” for the young players. CvMax, who had left Griffin as the team’s coach just a week before this year’s World Championships began, has now been given an indefinite ban from esports activities run by Riot, which includes the LCK.

The same punishment has been given out to Griffin’s chairman, but fora  different offence. He was found guilty of manipulating a young player, Seo ‘Kanavi’ Jin-hyeok, into signing a contract, as well as incorrectly reporting certain clauses of Kanavi’s contract to Riot. Griffin, as an organisation, has also been fined the equivalent of around $85,000 for the activities of CvMax and Cho.

Griffin, who reached the quarter-finals of this year’s World Championships, is yet to respond to Riot’s report and punishments.

Riot’s report also claims that if any more wrong-doing by Griffin staff or management is discovered as a result of the “future checks” that will be carried out, more punishments could be handed out.

It also threatens that the maximum penalty that could be given to Griffin for more improper conduct would be the “termination of Griffin’s LCK seed.”