G2 Esports’ Yuli says Rekkles is “blossoming” with the team

The prolific botlaner made the switch to G2 during the offseason, with many noting he looks happier in his new environment since

G2 Esports' Rekkles in black, red, and white colours

When prolific botlaner Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson ended his almost career-long stint with Fnatic by signing for rivals G2 Esports during the offseason, most were shocked. Prior to the League of Legends transfer window opening, few could have ever imagined Fnatic’s talisman in any other colours than black and orange.

A player who has always worn his heart on his sleeve, we have seen Rekkles during his greatest highs, and most crushing lows on stage. And now as a part of G2, many have noted that the player looks much happier in his new environment.

As part of an upcoming interview with The Loadout, former LEC referee-turned-G2 content creator Yulia ‘Yuli’ Marazova offers her perspective on the Swede’s attitude since his switch from Fnatic. “I was watching Rekkles’ G2 highlight video on stream, and it’s really cute because I was reffing him for a long time – I’ve known him since he was like 17,” she says.

According to Yuli, the player “is always very professional,” and is “very thoughtful in how he acts and how he speaks.” However, for the last couple of years of his Fnatic career, she feels that the botlaner had more of a transactional relationship with his team. “From my impression, it was always more like him coming to work, doing his job, being nice around his colleagues, and going.”

The new dynamic at G2, meanwhile, appears to have had an impact on the player. “With G2 it kind of feels like Rekkles fits into this ‘we’re friends and we’re playing this game together’ atmosphere,” Yuli says. “There’s this word in German, ‘aufblühen’, which means ‘to blossom’ – and it feels like he’s starting to open up and blossom a bit more. It’s really, really nice to see. I also feel like he’s smiling a lot more, and it seems like he feels more free.”

Conversely, Yuli notes Rekkles’ positivity could be down to the victories he’s racking up in G2 colours – as well as the belief that he could finally win a world championship. Regardless of the reason, we’re glad to see Rekkles enjoying his time on G2 so far.

Keep your eyes peeled for The Loadout’s full interview with Yuli in the coming days.