G2 drops Fabian and SirBoss to form Rainbow Six Siege “super team”

Forget plants, this new lineup is all about frags

G2 Esports Siege

G2 Esports has completed one of its biggest Rainbow Six Siege esports roster changes just weeks after the team crashed out of the Six Invitational in Montreal. The organisation has brought on two new entry fraggers to complete its so-called “super team.”

Ben ‘CTZN’ McMillan and Jake ‘Virtue’ Grannan replace Fabian ‘Fabian’ Hällsten and ex-Penta loanee Ferenc ‘SirBoss’ Mérész on the team, which G2 has given the tagline “no supports, no plants, no bullshit, only frags.” The duo completes the current roster of Niclas ‘Pengu’ Mouritzen, Juhani ‘Kantoraketti’ Toivonen, and Aleksi ‘UUNO’ Työppönen, which the organisation is planning to move to Berlin permanently in the new few months.

Virtue, who says he “won’t give up until the team is on top again,” joins from Fnatic and was the highest-rated player at the 2019 Invitational. CTZN, on the other hand, joins from Natus Vincere, who recently won the Pro League Season 10 finals in Japan.

According to the press release, Fabian asked to be transferred following the team’s performance in Montreal, but a team has yet to be found. He remains on the bench for now.