G2 Esports to move into the LVL, a new esports and community hub in Berlin

G2's new Rainbow Six Siege super team will be based in the new hub

League of Legends

Berlin-based esports giant G2 Esports has just gotten itself a new headquarters as the VERITAS-owned LVL, an expansive new gaming arena opening this month, becomes the organization’s official venue.

Spanning over 2,500 squared meters, LVL is a state-of-the-art building intended to be a hub for all manner of gaming and content creation. Included in the facility will be a full-stack production studio, VR experiences, and a noise-cancelling dome that will host competitive play in what’s described as “the closest proximity to the audience and casters without impeding the performance of the players”, making a match against G2 on home-ground a daunting prospect for any challengers.

While more and more esports venues are opening up around the world, LVL is designed to be more community-driven. On top of bridging the gap between fans and their favourite players and personalities, content creators from all walks, from streamers to cosplayers, musicians, and artists are welcome to use the space and the equipment and forums it provides. From the press release, the purpose here is to “fill this gap that currently exists in the landscape of physical gaming and esports venues – bringing community, creativity, and competition all under one roof.”

Anyone in or around Berlin can get a look on March 26, when LVL will hold its official public opening. 130 events are expected to held there annually, welcoming at least 250,000 visitors through the doors per year.

G2 placed second in the IEM Katowice 2020 this past weekend to Natus Vincere, and recently announced the completion of a Rainbox Six Siege “super team” that is expected to move to the LVL soon.