FaZe Banks under fire for hosting massive New Year’s Eve party

Banks posted videos from the FaZe event on his Instagram story, after claiming he was immune to the virus

FaZe Banks in a video

Richard ‘FaZe Banks’ Bengton, a co-owner of esports organisation FaZe Clan, has come under fire after sharing footage of him attending a huge party, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The videos shared on his Instagram stories show the FaZe founder mixing with countless others at a New Year’s Eve party in Miami, in direct contradiction with the city’s COVID-19 rules.

The City of Miami’s current reopening guidelines state that restaurants may open at full capacity, but excludes “bars, taverns, beer houses, nightclubs, strip clubs, and other adult entertainment establishments.” Although Banks’ event appears to be a private party organised by a “lifestyle concierge” company called Pink Tie, the restrictions still apply.

According to the Miami city government reopening rules, all food or beverage venues in Miami “must follow the physical distancing and facial covering guidelines,” which include wearing a mask unless eating or drinking and maintaining a six-feet distance from others. These rules are clearly flouted in the videos, which include Banks and his friends standing in close proximity to many others – more than the 10 permitted to enter an establishment as a group.

The rules also state that “entertainers must maintain a distance of at least 10 feet from customers and other individuals including staff when performing.”

Rod Breslau, who saved and posted the stories above, also noted Banks’ tweet in March last year, which says, “this Corona shit has officially moved from being a meme to a serious fkn problem clearly. Scary shit.”

However, in an episode of his podcast Mom’s Basement from August 2020, Banks admits going to a party after coming into close contact with people who tested positive for coronavirus. He had tested negative at the time, but on the podcast suggests that he is “completely immune” to the effects of the virus because his blood type is O+. However, studies found no correlation between blood type and the effects of coronavirus.

Banks did preface his theory by saying “it’s going to sound so stupid,” but seemed to genuinely believe he is immune. However, he has now breached COVID restrictions on multiple occasions and could be putting many people at risk.

The Loadout has approached FaZe for comment regarding the breach in regulations.