Dignitas rebrands, returns to its old logo

The rebrand sees the retirement of the Dignitas owl, which has represented the organisation since 2018

Dignitas' Digi logo

North American esports organisation Dignitas has announced that it is rebranding back to its original ‘Digi’ logo. The organisation launched with what is now described in its latest blog post as “an agender alien nano-technological being, capable of modifying their physical structure” as its mascot back in 2003.

The announcement was made through an enthusiastic Twitter post, captioned: “#DIGI IS BACK B!TCHES,” accompanied by a short video reveal. Digi’s return sees the departure of the Dignitas owl, which replaced the alien in 2018. Similarly to the previous rebrand, the relaunch of Digi has been flanked by a new merch launch in conjunction with Champion on the Dignitas store.

“The return of Digi as Dignitas’ logo allows us to have a mascot that better connects with esports and gaming fans,” the blog post reads. “Digi has been brought to life through emotive representation, communicating with players, fans, and the community like never before.”

The new iteration of Digi is not dissimilar to its predecessor, though now boasts a flatter design, with two clearly-rounded eyes. The org states that “Digi exists to be representative and accepting of all cultures and identities, with a reimagined voice and purpose acknowledging Dignitas’ industry-leading commitment and dedication to diversity and inclusion.”

Dignitas currently participates in a host of esports titles, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, Valorant, and League of Legends.