Zonic says the constant changes to Vertigo in CS:GO are “frustrating”

Another CS:GO patch, another change to Vertigo.

Zonic Astralis

Vertigo might not be one of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s best maps, but Valve is desperately trying to make it work. The constant changes are hard to keep on top of, but for Astralis’ coach, Danny ‘zonic’ Sørensen, the modifications are “frustrating.”

Since making its debut in the active map pool in March 2019, Vertigo has been altered seven times. For professional players, who often have clear cut set pieces to run for certain rounds, small changes to the map can completely destroy tactical plays. The Loadout spoke with zonic at ECS about the latest update and the changes to the map.

“It makes it difficult,” zonic says. “When we see Valve changing Vertigo this often, we have to spend at least five or six hours working on the map, running patterns and trying to see how different teams approach the map. And you have to do that every time they change it. “The discussions with the tournament organisers come afterwards – ‘Should we play the new version or the old version?’

“You have no clue what’s going to happen in the next tournament and that’s just frustrating for me. These kind of changes should happen in an open window. I get that they are in it to make money for the Christmas sale but they could have waited a little bit with Vertigo because now we have three tournaments in a row with organisers having to take a stand on playing with the new one or the old one.”

Currently Astralis has an 88.9% win ratio on the map, only losing to Team Liquid once at the ESL Pro League Season 9 finals in June. Although, the changes are clearly affecting the preparation of some CS:GO teams, zonic believes there’s a place for Vertigo in the competitive map pool.

“I think the update is great – I love that they’re taking an active role in trying to make it better. I see a future for Vertigo, but then it’s also been going very well for us!”

Whether you like the map or not, Valve is clearly trying to make Vetigo viable. Some pro teams will continue to veto it, but for Astralis, despite the changes, it remains one of their strongest picks.