T1 signs a multi-year streaming deal with Twitch


Esports organisation T1 has signed a “multi-year” deal for its members to stream exclusively on Twitch. In a statement on Twitter, T1 said the deal did not just cover the League of Legends team, but all players and content creators under the T1 banner.

T1 is the dominant team on the Korean League of Legends scene, winning the League of Legends Champions Korea tournament nine times since the contest began; no other team has won it more than twice. Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok, T1’s most popular and most successful League of Legends player, is currently 20th on Twitch’s rank. He’s one of only two players to have won three World Championships.

Securing T1’s exclusivity is a big win for Twitch, and likely very lucrative for T1 too. While Faker is the star of T1’s show, he’s not the only notable name in the ranks. The world’s number one Smash player, Leonardo ‘MkLeo’ Perez, also flies the T1 banner, along with Park ‘Sejun Park’ Se-jun, the former Pokemon World Champion.

Aside from the fact it covers all of T1 rather than just the League of Legends players and is a “multi-year” deal, we don’t know that many details right now. Multi-year could mean a rolling contract, or a fixed term deal of at least two years, while the fact the statement mentions “T1 players and content creators to host their gameplay and various content,” could be a signal that T1 is looking to extend their brand.

While MkLeo and Sejun Park are more prominent players on the T1 team, the vast majority of T1’s focus has always been towards League of Legends. Don’t expect them to take their eye off the ball any time soon, but a general expansion is possible with this deal in place.

T1 has teams for Apex Legends, Fortnite, Dota 2, Hearthstone, PUBG, and Valorant currently, and may use this deal to try and elevate at least one of those squads to the level of success their League of Legends team has enjoyed.