A new challenger appears! Minecraft’s Steve joins the Smash Bros roster

The best-selling game in the world is finally coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. That’s right – Minecraft has worked its way into the Nintendo fighting game.

The latest character to join the Smash Bros roster is none other than Steve from Minecraft. Masahiro Sakurai, series creator and director of Smash Bros, introduces the presentation by asking, “What exactly did we just watch?” Smash Bros Ultimate is no stranger to guest characters, but Steve from Minecraft? He was certainly not the character most people would expect to see join the roster. The announcement was so unexpected that Twitter briefly crashed due to the influx of tweets following Nintendo’s presentation.

Many members of the Smash Bros community were worried that Steve would be another sword-wielding character, but it looks as though Nintendo has put a lot of thought into his playstyle. While Steve does wield his iconic stone sword (though sadly it’s not made from diamond), it looks as though numerous tools from the world of Minecraft are making an appearance. From golden pickaxes, buckets filled with lava, and even fishing rods, Steve’s inventory is packed with everything he needs to take down the other challengers.

Designing Steve’s moveset proved to be a challenge for the developers, as each stage needed to be reworked in order to accommodate the building mechanic. That’s right, Steve isn’t going anywhere without his trusty blocks. Just like you would in Minecraft, Steve can mine the stage for materials which can be used to build and/or craft items. At one point in the video, Steve upgrades his sword from stone to iron, presumably increasing his damage output.

Steve is joined by Alex, a Zombie and an Enderman, with each character being playable as skins for Steve. The Minecraft stage will feature unique biomes, showcasing the world of Minecraft throughout all of its seasons. Fighters will have to be careful on the Minecraft stage as the blocky environment can be destroyed with regular attacks.

Sakurai will be showing off how Steve and Alex play on October 3 at 07:30 PT/14:30 GMT, right before Mojang’s annual Minecraft Live event.

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