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Suicide Season 2 confirms playable Mrs. Freeze in an icy Metropolis

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Season 2 finally confirms a launch date, and the arrival of a multiverse variant of Mr. Freeze.

Suicide Squad Season 2: An image of Mrs. Freeze and Green Lantern in Kill the Justice League.

Like the Joker’s arrival before them, the debut of Mrs. Freeze in Suicide Squad Season 2 has been kept largely quite on the official Rocksteady airwaves. Now, after weeks of leaks and mild teases in-game, the Batman Arkham franchise developer is ready to break the ice on Kill the Justice League’s next major update – and it isn’t far away.

Whether you’re playing on Xbox or PS5, you can dive into Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Season 2 on Thursday, July 11, 2024. It is likely that Rocksteady Studios will deploy the co-op game’s patch on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, to ensure you don’t have a massive wait on launch day. If you somehow managed to avoid the onslaught of leaks surrounding the multiplayer game’s upcoming season, then you may have missed that Season 2 is introducing Victoria Frias – a multiverse variant of iconic DC villain Mr. Freeze.

It is unclear how she’ll interact with the Suicide Squad right now, but I anticipate her cooperation to be less chaotic than the Joker’s introduction. Season 1 required players to rank up to Fear Level 35, a separate rank to that of the Finite Crisis Levels from Season 0. Once this was achieved, you could then battle another Brianiac variant to free the Joker from captivity. Grinding for a new character is part and parcel of live-service titles, but the decision to withhold the Joker’s unlock criteria before Season 1’s launch was a bizarre one.

Suicide Squad Season 2: An image of the Kill the Justice League Season 2 roadmap.

Hopefully, acquiring Victoria Frias won’t repeat these mistakes. She’ll come equipped with an all-new set of weapons and gear pieces to use, including a hefty ice axe that wouldn’t be out of place in PS5 exclusive God of War Ragnarök. What will make or break the character for me, though, is her traversal.

Say what you want about Kill the Justice League’s other content, but there is no denial that Rocksteady’s penchant for best-in-class combat and movement animations is impressive. Pair that with some of the most detailed character models seen in recent games this side of horror game masterpiece Alan Wake 2, and the ingredients are all there for Victoria Frias to become another solid addition.

Previous leaks claim that Frias will be able to ice-slide around a frozen-over version of Metropolis. You’ll be using that movement mechanic during the new Superman and Flash Brainiac fight in the game’s mid-season update, which pairs the two Justice League members up for what could be a promising showdown.

Suicide Squad Season 2: An image of Mrs. Freeze in Kill the Justice League Season 2.

I’m curious whether this will lead to the eventual restoration of the Justice League, as this was teased not long ago among the backlash that Batman’s apparent death inspired. Will there be enough here to redeem Kill the Justice League as one of the best Batman games, or at least Arkham franchise titles? Probably not, but I’m still hopeful Rocksteady can unlock the game’s potential before it winds down content toward the start of 2025.

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