Capcom bans two Street Fighter V pros from all events

The two players were caught making offensive comments online

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Two Street Fighter V professional players have been banned from Capcom-owned and operated events until further notice. Capcom stepped in after Dalauan ‘LowTierGod’ Sparrow and Christina ‘Ceroblast’ Tran made a number of offensive comments on stream and social media.

LowTierGodwas was originally banned from CEO, Combo Breaker, and EVO, after a clip of him making a number of homophobic and transphobic comments towards Ceroblast surfaced online. Ceroblast was also banned from those events because of their use of racial slurs in reference to another player. However, after reviewing the evidence, Capcom has now decided to extend that ban to all its events, including the Street Fighter League.

“Capcom has been made aware of a situation where Dalauan ‘LowTierGod’ Sparrow and Christina ‘CeroBlast’ Tran have made offensive statements online,” Capcom says in its statement. “This is a clear violation of Capcom’s player code of conduct, so we have concluded that we have no choice but to ban LowTierGod and CeroBlast from all Capcom-owned and/or operated events, including Capcom Pro Tour and Street Fighter League for an indefinite period including this year and beyond until further notice.”

Ceroblast has since apologised for their actions. LowTierGod says the ban “is a wack feeling” and that he will never stop supporting Capcom.