xQc returns to Twitch to explain why he was banned for a second time

The ex-Overwatch pro upset Twitch staff with his actions


Popular streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is back streaming on Twitch after he was banned for three days. The streamer, who tried to appeal the ban last week, says he was actually handed the ban for continuing to browse games on stream after accidentally showing explicit content.

The ex-Overwatch pro received the ban for on February 29 after he played a game of Connect Four with a naked AI woman. After winning a round, xQc was presented with the option of removing the character’s bra, which he clicked yes to.

However, since coming back to the platform, xQc has provided some additional context about the ban, claiming he received his second strike because of his reaction to the nudity. “Guys, the actual reason I got banned – and I feel like some of you were wrong – the problem isn’t that I play the game and showed the boobies,” he says in a clip you can watch below. “If I just quit the game, we wouldn’t have been banned.

“The problem is that I quit the game and then browsed other games. And I made certain Twitch staff upset that I was browsing other games of a similar genre because it made it like I disregarded ToS.”

While xQc apologised on Twitter for his actions, he took too long in removing the offending clips and VOD from his Twitch channel, which has saved other streamers from the same fate before.

As it’s the Canadian’s second ban though, he’ll need to be careful in the future. Twitch usually operates on a three-strikes policy, so one more violation could see xQc land himself in hot water.