Twitch rejects xQc’s appeal after he was banned for streaming nudity

The former Overwatch League pro played a naked Connect Four game

Twitch streamer xQc standing on a balcony

Popular streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is no stranger to controversy, but the ex-Overwatch professional has been forced to apologise after he was banned from Twitch for a second time for streaming himself playing Connect Four with a naked woman.

The Canadian streamer was banned for three days on February 29 for the slip up, which was broadcast to around 15,000 viewers at the time according to Twitch Tracker. XQc has appealed the ban, but it appears that appeal has been unsuccessful – this is probably because the streamer knowingly clicked ‘yes’ when he was given the option to remove the bra of the character he was playing against.

“I wanted to update everyone yesterday but it was unclear and I wanted to appeal and have a chance to explain myself,” the streamer says on Twitter. “I did but it didn’t matter, we’re tanking the whole thing. Things are a little different than I expected but ultimately it was my fault. We’ll roll when we’re back.”

The streamer received his first ban last year for showing “partial nudity” while watching a video called “Safe For Work Porn” during one of his streams. He now has one strike left before Twitch takes more permanent action, so he’ll have to be careful what he streams in the future.