xQc leaves Sentinels to “pursue new opportunities”

Twitch streamer xQc standing on a balcony

Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel has left Sentinels after a year and a half, with his request for release from its roster being accepted yesterday. xQc was originally signed as both an Overwatch pro and content creator, but since September 2019 has solely been focused on content creation for the organisation. Now, he’s leaving for good.

Sentinels confirmed his departure in a brief statement, explaining the situation and wishing him well for the future. “The Sentinels have granted a request for release to variety streamer Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, effective immediately, so that he may pursue new opportunities.

“While we hate to see xQc leave, we couldn’t be more excited about his future. His time as a Sentinel was cherished by everyone in the organization, and we know he will continue to find success in whatever he does next. We’ll always be there in chat spamming xQcL. Thank you, xQc. Once a Sentinel, always a Sentinel.”

Before going to content creation for Sentinels full time, xQc was an Overwatch pro, but this ended when Sentiels and Kroenke Sports, the organisation who managed Sentinels’ Overwatch team, parted ways.

We don’t yet know what these “new opportunities” are for xQc, nor whether he has something lined up or is instead just waiting to see what comes his way. As the most watched Twitch streamer in July, he certainly won’t be short of offers.

The split comes as a bit of a surprise, and has already prompted rumours that xQc has a bigger org waiting in the wings to snap him up. The statement from Sentinels is keen to recognise the role the team played in xQc’s continued rise, adding: “Since joining the organization in February of 2019, xQc has grown immensely by reaching seven-figure follower counts across his social media platforms.”

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