Twitch star xQc leaks potential merch deal on stream


While livestreamers are more open to sharing their lives with their viewers than most people, there are always some things you want to keep private.

However, one of Twitch’s biggest stars, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, suffered a slip up live on stream when he unintentionally revealed some Discord messages about the terms of a potential merchandise deal with gaming apparel brand MetaThreads and ‘Verizon’ (although not confirmed, this is presumably in relation to the telecom company). As xQc was closing tabs on his browser, which was visible on stream, he revealed the messages for a split second before rapidly minimising the Discord app.

“Chat, did you see that?” he says nervously, before realising that the cat was out of the bag. “Oh god,” he says slumping back into his chair. “Oh god. Oh my god, I’m done… That’s such a fucking ‘yikes.’ Ah well, GGs.” According to TwitchTracker, xQc had around 20,000 viewers at the time of the incident, so it was always going to be unlikely his blunder would go unnoticed.

The proposed deal appears to hint at a partnership with MetaThreads and Verizon and would see xQc do a “live Twitch unboxing” of a new product.

XQc’s current merch collection with MetaThreads went down a storm and is currently sold out.

While partnerships and sponsors between streamers and big brands are now commonplace with some of the biggest streamers boasting daily audiences in the tens of thousands, xQc is rarely seen promoting products or services, but his merch appears extremely desirable. Hopefully his slip up hasn’t cost him this particular deal.